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Welcome to the Manga Database!

Hello! And welcome to the only English-language site dedicated to Monkey Punch's "Lupin the Third" manga series. Use the navigation to the left to, well, navigate.

Um...hi.  Yeah, I've gone over two years without updating.  But there is a review of WMW still in progress, trust me.
But as for now, I've added and removed some stuff to the links section, most notably "Lupin the Third Street" (a revival of a sweet fansite that had been gone for years) and "Lupin Has Three Jackets" (an awesome podcast discussing the various aspects of the franchise).  Both come highly recommended to Lupin fans.
Also, my webcomic has been listed in the Links section, too.
Added a link to a blog that reviews the Lupin manga and I've sarted working on reviewing volume 1 of WMW, so that's coming up.
Added an articles section and added an essay on Fujiko that probably makes sense to no one but me.

It's a little dusty in here...

I added a few links to the site. That's all. However, I am working on some new articles. Expect those soon.

A collection of small updates:
Added "Previous" and "Next" links at the bottom of each review.

I also did some touch-up on the character bios, fixing information and making the text sizes all the same for each character.

I added a animated Lupin connection to chapter 9.

And I finally updated the links page and added some new banners
Happy Labor Day Weekend!

The big announcement: I now have someone working on the World's Most Wanted reviews! And a new forum in the Fun and Games section! W00t!

Past Updates

This update's quote: "I'm not like other mangas, baby."-Lupin III

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